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in Growth 

Growth is not linear, but if you know you're heading in the right direction, you can foresee bumps in the road.

When challenges arise, Anthelo partners have options instead of reactions.


Digital Products

Anthelo offers a concise digital product suite designed to support entrepreneurs through a self-led growth and development. This range of tools includes downloadable templates for strategic planning with video guides and AI cheat-codes to enable full comprehension and efficacy. With a focus on accessibility and user-friendliness, Anthelo’s digital offerings aim to empower entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential independently.

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1:1 Implementation Sessions

Elevate your leadership skills and entrepreneurial mindset with tailored coaching sessions. Ideal for executives and founders, these sessions are focused on tactical development to drive business growth, offering insights and strategies for effective implementation that supports business growth.


Short-Term Growth Plans

Kickstart your growth with our short-term growth plans, ranging from 2-8 weeks to completion. Our cumulative plans are collaboratively developed to provide a clear blueprint for success for your next 6-24 months, with deliverables and planning durations tailored to your specific needs and goals.


Ongoing Secured Partnership

Engage in a continuous growth journey with Anthelo through recurring monthly consultations, each tier designed with built-in tactical support to help you scale. Tailored strategies evolve with your business, ensuring sustained progress and adaptation to new challenges.


Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Anthelo offers both workshops and speaking engagements as key services, providing unique opportunities for audiences to gain insights from our founder's vast experience and proprietary strategies. Her ability to demystify business complexities and offer clear, actionable guidance makes these events not just informative but transformative. Designed to empower attendees with the knowledge and tools for practical, strategic growth, both personally and professionally, our workshops and speaking engagements foster a deeper understanding of leadership, growth strategies, and authentic business practices.

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Implementation Sessions

  • Personalized guidance to unlock your full potential and excel in your professional journey and a great way to amplify the benefits of our digital product suite. Ask about bundling if you're looking to invest in 3 or more sessions at a time.

Ongoing Secured Partnership

  • Combining the best of consulting expertise with hands-on tactical support for a dynamic business strategy. Multiply the capabilities of your team for as low as $850 per month. Inquire for expanded package pricing.

Short-Term Growth Plans

  • Comprehensive, bespoke strategic solutions designed to deliver impactful results in one complete package. Quick turn-arounds starting at $1650. Inquire for elevated package pricing.